If you are currently signed up to receive our LOCAVORE FARM SHARE we invite you to extend your produce pick-up through 12/31/16. You will continue to receive the equivalent of one grocery bag of produce each Saturday. This bag will always have an amazing mix of seasonal items with staples such as salad greens from Four Oaks Lettuce being a consistent item.

You will also receive:

  1. (1) half gallon of Homestead Creamery Milk
  2. (1) Loaf of Grateful Bread
  3. (1) Dozen Fresh Eggs
  4.  32oz growler refill from Tha Best Kombucha

The LOCAVORE SHARE Feeds a family of 2 veggie lovers for the week or a young family with 2 small children.

Participating in a Farm Share offers huge savings for you and your family. Farm Share produce can cost 50% less, if not more, than buying organic produce from any supermarket chain. In addition to the savings you will know where your food is coming from and be connected to the communal spirit of helping local farmers and keeping your dollars in our local economy. The reasons for joining are truly endless!

For more information about our Farm Share options please see our CSA Info page or you can contact becci@farm2tableva.whiteoakwv.com or call 540-989-2122.