Fall weddings, your favorite kiddo heading to college, FOOTBALL and yes….the HOLIDAYS are upon us…there is no escaping it. If you are looking for a unique gift for that special person consider a F2T GIFT SHARE. A farm share of local produce is the gift that won’t stop giving.It nourishes us. It satisfies us. It makes us happy. We want it, we need it and we use it every day.

It’s the perfect gift: FOOD.

When it comes to gift-giving this holiday season, many ideas may take root but not enough of them—fruitcake aside—involve food. Picking the perfect present is not as easy task. As the adage goes, it’s the thought that counts; and, in this case, thinking locally is fresh thinking.

Purchasing a local food share as a holiday gift will not only bring cheer, it is an offering of goodwill to the farmers in Virginia.

There are several options of shares to purchase prices range between $100-$500. Contact Becci Sisson at (540)989-2122 or via email becci@farm2tableva.whiteoakwv.com.